Rapp Marine with EL. WINCH Mini- Seminar at Danfish International

Welcome to meet Rapp Marine (earlier Rapp Hydema) at Danfish International in Aalborg, Denmark, 7.-9. October. - This year with the EL. WINCH Mini- Seminar: "Learn by Experience! - day 2 of the exhibition!

Thanks to Fishermen demanding the best solutions possible, Rapp Marine has delivered winches to more than 1100 fishing vessels. We have more than 100 years’ experience in manufacturing winches to the maritime industry. 

This experience has given us a unique opportunity to develop advanced deck machinery solutions with the latest technology. "We want to share this experience with you and give YOU the opportunity to access useful knowledge of Rapp Marines latest technology on Electrical Winches for fishing, this with focus on Pelagic and Bottom Stern Trawling", says our Master Mariner & Vice President Sales Fishery, Morten Stenkjær.

Learn from the best
Imagine spending one hour at Danfish International, the "Fishermen's own fair", learning about a high interest theme in a Fisherman's world. Our very high skilled expert on our latest electrical winch technology, Roger Jensen, Chief Conceptual System Designer and our VP Sales personnel will give you a presentation on our modern and effective electric winches.

It's up to you: Sit back and just listen, or challenge us with constructive questions about the topic. We will be there for you!
Learn by Experience, it all depends on getting the best out of fishing!

Time and place for the EL-WINCH Mini-Seminar during Danfish International 2015:
• Thursday, October 8, 12:00 – 13:00 at the open area close to our stand D738.

Rapp Marine at Danfish International
Danfish International has always been marketed as "The fishermen's own Fair". At all fairs in Aalborg the stand area (around 9000 m2) has been sold out. This year is no exception, but Rapp Marine has secured space at this event!

We personally invite you to visit our stand D738 to keep up to date with the latest technology for the Fishing Vessels. You will meet our VP- Sales personnel, representatives from Global Services and technical experts on both hydraulic and electric Deck Machinery Solutions. We offer you a 3 Days Free Access card!

Rapp Marine at Danfish international: Learn more about our new 'one stop shop' at Rubbestadneset, Bømlo, Norway - in Collaboration with LOS Group. 
You will meet Olav Alfsvåg at Danfish International. He is the Site Manager at our new "One Site Shop". 
Our goal with this new establishment is to offer our customers easier access to a broader and improved range of services. Rapp Marine considers Rubbestadneset in Bømlo municipality an excellent central location for this customer segment, both given its geographical convenience and the market appeal that LOS Marine has gained within the ship service sector. 

For registration to the Mini-Seminar or for Free 3 Days ticket to the Danfish International, please contact our Marketing & Communication Adviser, Linda Ch. Gjerstad lingje@rappmarine.com  - Mobile: +47 99629513

With more than 100 years’ experience in manufacturing winches for fishing vessels, Rapp Marine is the most exclusive supplier to modern and effective hydraulic and electric deck machinery solutions available on the market today. This also include winch control systems and Service & After Sales Support. Rapp Marine is today the world's largest supplier of special cranes and deck machinery for deep-sea research vessels.