Milestone for Rapp Marine!

Rapp Marine supplies electric twin trawl deck machinery to the pelagic fleet for the first time.

- We are very happy that we now have signed not one but two new orders for the supply of complete electrical deck machinery packages for the two pelagic trawlers "Rockall" and "Themis", says Morten Stenkjær, VP Sales Fisheries Rapp Marine. These deliveries are a milestone for us, he adds.


Selected Rapp Marine once again.

It was in March 2016 that Rapp Marine signed the contract with Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen, Denmark, for these two newbuildings. Astrid Fiskeri AS in Skagen owns the vessel "Rockall" and the vessel "Themis" is owned by Themis Fiskeri AS in Thyborøn.

 -We are grateful to the owners, Astrid Fisheries and Themis Fiskeri, and also the builder, Karstensens Skibsværft, for the confidence they have once again shown in us to supply the electric deck machinery for the new pelagic trawler «Rockall»,  says a proud Mr. Stenkjær.


"Rockall" with powerful equipment on board.

The company has taken the steps to fully outfit the vessel with deck machinery suitable for twin trawl fisheries.

- Accordingly, Rapp Marine has tailored the equipment to meet the company's needs and requirements, says Morten Stenkjær.  That means we will be delivering to 'Rockall' extremely powerful winches in relation to the ship's size, which includes 3x80 ton trawl winches and 4 net drums, he continues.

"Themis" is also equipped for twin trawl fishery from Rapp Marine, but with slightly less capacity on the winches.


New trend.

-The pelagic fleet has traditionally been a loyal user of Rapp Marine hydraulic deck machinery over the years, machinery which was continuously developed in accordance with the clear requirements of, and feedback from, the fishing fleet. When we developed the electrical equipment for the fishing fleet we based the technology on the same experiences, philosophy and reliability that has stood us in good stead over the years, says Stenkjær.

 - It is extremely gratifying that the pelagic fleet is now acknowledging  the significant technical and commercial benefits of installing electrical deck machinery for twin trawl pelagic fishing on their vessels, says a proud Mr. Stenkjær.

- In the fisheries market, we have previously delivered electrical equipment to bottom trawlers and supplied electrical deck machinery to single trawl pelagic fishing vessel in the United States. We have also delivered electric deck machinery to many vessels within the Marine and Offshore markets, concludes Morten Stenkjær.


3 x 80t Trawl Winches

4 x 60t/ 80t Net Drums

3 ea. Electric Main Trawl Winches, model TWS-22035RE

1 ea. Electric Tail End Winch, model SW-7502BE

2 ea. Electric Net drums, model ND-20001BE

2 ea. Electric Net Drums, model ND-26000BE

4 ea. Mooring Winches, type GW-2200B

2 ea. Auxiliary winch, model GW-200N

1 ea. Electric Net sounder winch, model SOW-502RE

1 ea. Electric Anchor winch, model AWW-2300E

1 ea. Rapp Marine Trawl Computer model PTS-Pentagon CbusEF.

Hose reels and Control Panels



3 x 60t Trawl Winches

4 x 34t /60t Net Drums             


3 ea.  Electric Trawl Winches, model TWS-22031RE

1 ea.  Electric Tail End Winch, model SW-7502BE

2 ea.  Electric Net drums, model ND-2001BE

2 ea.  Net drum, type ND-4502BE/WDU-4502B

2 ea.  Electric Mooring winch, model GW-680E-3,27

2 ea.  Auxiliary winch (on trawl deck), model GW-200N

1 ea.  Electric Net sounder winch, model SOW-502RE

2 ea.  Electric Anchor winch, model AWW-2300E.

1 ea.  Rapp Marine Trawl Computer model PTS-Pentagon CbusEF

Hose reels and Control panels