One more contract to Rapp Marine Group - supplies equipment to New Zealand's largest factory vessel!

-It is with pride and pleasure that again we are announcing a new contract for delivery of electric deck machinery, this time for New Zealand’s first new deepwater fishing vessel in 20 years, says a pleased Tor Idar Øye, VP Sales in Rapp Marine Group.


The company Sealord Group located in New Zealand, recently published a shipbuilding contract for its new super trawler design ST-118.  The vessel has been designed by Naval architect Skipsteknisk, with the contract for building and furnishing the vessel awarded to Simek in Flekkefjord, Norway, with delivery anticipated in mid-2018.

 - Rapp Marine Group, owned by the PE fund Nord Kapitalforvaltning AS, supplies deck machinery for pelagic bottom trawling and semi-pelagic fishing including the complete winch control systems to the new 82,9 m long factory vessel. It is a complete package with electric winches and each of the three main winches are equipped with four electric motors each, says Tor Idar Øye.

 -Sealord is a fishing company with extensive experience and is one of the biggest participants in fishing and seafood in the southern hemisphere. They require high standards from Rapp Marine Group as their chosen supplier, says Øye. Fishing in the waters around New Zealand demands tailor made equipment that meets the requirements for deep sea fishing, he says. 

 - Redundancy, reliability and service availability are some of the key factors that have been strongly emphasized, but perhaps the most important has been to find solutions that satisfy the company's needs - such as main winches with an extremely high speed, efficiency and dynamics, Øye confirms.  Rapp Marine Group also has its own agent with service facilities in New Zealand.

Strong supplier to the fishing fleet

Rapp Marine Group AS is grateful to be the preferred supplier of the electric winches for Sealord’s new factory vessel, and again it confirms the company's strong position as a supplier of equipment to the fishing fleet, says a very pleased Tor Idar Øye.

-On top of this Rapp Marine Group recently announced a very busy autumn with six new contracts signed for complete deck-machinery for six new fishing vessels, Tor Idar Øye confirms. 

The supplier of cranes and the fide loading elevator system to this vessel is Triplex (Macgregor Norway). 


About Sealords new pride

Sealord's new pride will be equipped with an ultra-modern factory where all catches will be taken care of in terms of high-value products that fillet round frozen products etc., or in the form of flour and oil produced from the raw material on board. The new building will be a zero-emission ship where all catches are taken care of and processed into quality consumer products. With its overall length of 82.9 meters and a width of 17.0 meters, the new building will be New Zealand's largest factory trawler. With a planned capacity of 20,000 tons per year, the new building will be a particularly efficient harvesting and processing machine! Beyond the vessel built at Norwegian shipyards, the list of Norwegian equipment suppliers involved considerably. This underscores that the Norwegian supply industry is competitive, even in a global perspective.

It will be able to fish all Sealord’s target species, including hoki and pelagic fish such as barracuda, squid and jack mackerel. The vessel will process its catch while at sea, with facilities to produce all Sealord’s base products immediately for maximum freshness and productivity.

Rapp Marine Group:

  • The principal owners are the PE fund Nord Kapitalforvaltning AS 
  • Rapp Marine Group is a global supplier of advanced and innovative solutions of electric and hydraulic deck machinery fisheries, research, offshore and workboats. 
  • Rapp Marine Group is today one of the largest suppliers of electric and hydraulic deck machinery for fishing vessels and all types of research vessels. 
  • The company opened a new, modern mechanical workshop in Serbia in 2014.
  • The head office, with management, engineering, project management, sales / marketing and other staff functions are located in Bodo. Beyond this, the company is represented with considerable operations in respectively the US and UK, as well as with a comprehensive service and agent network in all relevant regions.