ROV Winches

Rapp Marine offers a full range of electric and hydraulic ROV winches with active heave compensation to handle ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) units in calm and rough waters.

ROV Winch Features: 

- Electirc driven winch with frequency activated speed control
- Multiple Rapp Marine patented electric motors provide redundancy
- Electric motors provide lower fuel comsumption
- Sealed and Oil-filled Gearboxes
- Hydraulically actuated band brakes can hold three times safe working load
- Normal braking by the motors
- Automatic, electric synchronized level wind. 90 degree level wind optional. 
- DNV certification (Offshore lifting appliances)
- Range of winches availale for work class and OBS class ROV's
Local and remote operation (remote belt packs) from hangar and control room
- Active heave compensation via Rapp Marine Pentagon Control System and vessel motion reference unit (MRU). 

ROV Handling Systems Brochure
ROV Handling Systems engineered by Rapp Marine
  • ROV Winch System on Technip Skandi Arctic
  • One of two ROV winches on the EMAS Constellation
  • ROV Winch System that travels and supports the Jason ROV, managed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute