Electric Trawl Winch

Trawl & Purse Seine Winches

Rapp Marine offers a range of heavy duty series trawl and purse seine winches for pelagic trawlers, stern trawlers, and purse seiners

Trawl winch features:
- Available in Sizes from 10 to 110 Tons Pull Capacity
- Allows multiple spooling angles  
- Saves Valuable Space on Deck
- Placed below Shelter Deck Lowers the Center of Gravity
- Equipped with totally enclosed and self lubricated dog clutch

  • Trawling Onboard
  • Electric winch onboard Thorunn Sveinsdottir
  • Electric Trawl Winch onboard F/V Araho
  • TWS7500 Hydraulic Trawl Winch

References Fishing Vessels

Rapp Marine has provided winches and other deck equipment to trawlers and other fishing vessels for over half a centry.