Rapp Marine PTS Pentagon System

Pentagon Computerized & Monitoring Control System

Rapp Marine's Patented PTS Pentagon Control System provides the vessel operator full control and data tracking of their winch system

Rapp Marine PTS Pentagon Control System contains all the features required for safe and efficient winch and equipment operation. The layout, design, and integrated service functions have evolved from 30 years of experience in handling a variety of experience in fishing, research, oil & gas, and workboat applications.

Featuring the latest ”Soft Touch” drive controls together with our (AHC) Active Heave Compensation, the Rapp Marine Pentagon control system offers significantly improved vehicle and cable handling characteristics.

-  Integrates with echo sounder & trawl instrumentation
-  Enhanced user friendliness
-  Uses up to ten winches, simultaneously, for all types of trawling
-  High quality display gives overall view of winch performance
-  Safe and trouble free operation by high grade marine quality PLC and state of the art PC

  • PTS Pentagon System in Use
  • Pentagon System on the EMAS Constellation
  • Paying out using Control System
  • Main Touchscreen for Pentagon Control System
  • View from the Main Control Room