NOAA Series Vessels (5 ea.)

NOAA Fisheries Survey Research Vessels

Being one of the world leaders in deck equipment, it only makes sense that Rapp Marine would provide a full suite of deck equipment to NOAA’s series of Fisheries Survey Vessels (FSV). The latest vessel in the series is the R/V Reuben Lasker, fitted with the most advanced electric trawl and oceanographic deck equipment to survey fish, mammal marine, and turtles in the U.S. West Coast and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. By comparison, the previous NOAA vessels are equipped hydraulic deck equipment.

Equipment List:

  • 2 Electric CTD Winches
  • Electric Traction Winch
    o   Storage Drums
  • 2 Electric Trawl Winches
  • 1 Electric Gilson Winch
  • 1 Electric Single Net Drum
  • 1 Electric Net Sounding Winch
  • PTS Pentagon R Control System

Other NOAA Series Vessels:

  • R/V Oscar Dyson
  • R/V Henry B. Bigelow
  • R/V Pisces
  • R/V Bell M. Shimada
Customer: NOAA
Product: Fisheries Survey Deck Equipment