F/V Starbound

Factory Trawler for Aleutian Spray Fisheries

The F/V Starbound has been a mainstay in the Bering Sea for over two decades, catching and processing Alaskan Pollock and Cod. Whether you're ordering a Filet O'Fish from McDonald's or picking up a box of Gorton's frozen fish sticks, odds are that it came from Aleutian Spray Fisheries. Throughout the years, Rapp Marine has been a partner of Aleutian Spray Fisheries and the Starbound, fulfilling both new equipment and service needs for its expansive deck machinery requirements. 

Rapp Marine has supplied a full suite of hydraulic trawl equipment for the Starbound, including: 

- Two trawl winches
- Two gilson winches
- Three net drums
- Two sweep line winches
- Two net sounding winches
- One anchor winch
- 60 ft. knuckle boom crane
- Pentagon winch control system

Customer: Aleutian Spray Fisheries
Product: Trawl Equipment