MS Kvannøy

Bodø's new pride and joy, with local equipment onboard

The 77-metre long flagship is fitted out with state-of-the-art deck machinery from Rapp Marine. "We are grateful to owners Hansen Dahl Fisheries for the confidence they have shown in us to supply the deck machinery for Bodø's largest fishing vessel," says Helge Vatnehol, Managing Director at Rapp Marine.

"When we understand what standards are required for all systems onboard, it is with great pride that we can look at MS Kvannøy here in Bodø, knowing that we have designed, manufactured and delivered the equipment systems that, perhaps more than any other feature, will secure good earnings for this beautiful vessel," enthuses the proud MD of Rapp Marine.

Choosing Rapp Marine
The deck machinery was selected from the very best available in terms of design and user functionality. "We appreciate Rapp Marine machinery for its reputation and efficiency," explains Birger Dahl Junior, Skipper of the Kvannøy: "Moreover, we benefit from the good working relationship between Rapp Marine and Triplex, who supply the cranes, among other systems onboard. Altogether that makes up a complete package of deck machinery on the boat."

First tests completed
The new combined ring-net and trawl fishing vessel completed its sea trials earlier this month. It was the first time the equipment was tested. Both the owners and Rapp Marine's Project Manager, Hallgeir Domås, are pleased with the result. With just a few adjustments everything will be in order. "We are delighted that the results are so good, not least due to the excellent partnership we have enjoyed with builder Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen, Denmark", they add.

Owner's third newbuild featuring Rapp systems
According to Skipper Birger Dahl Jr, it is no accident that Rapp Marine has been our trusty supplier for many years. "We insist on high standards of equipment onboard and demand first-rate service. We must rely on Rapp Marine being there when we need them," the very happy skipper says in conclusion.

"This proud vessel will give us an added incentive to deliver the very best service whenever required for many years to come," declares Helge Vatnehol, Managing Director of Rapp Marine.

Hydraulic Deck Machinery for Pelagic Trawler/ Purse Seiner MS KVANNØY

Product list:

  • 2   ea. Trawl Winches
  • 2   ea. Purse Seine Winch
  • 1   ea. Tail End (“Frelserline”) Winch
  • 1   ea. End Wire Winch
  • 1   ea. Net Sounder Winch
  • 1   ea. Aft Auxiliary Winch
  • 1   ea. “Bryst” (Forward End wire) Winch
  • 1   ea. Anchor Winch
  • 1   ea. Forward (Port) Mooring Winch
  • 1   ea. Forward Mooring (Flåline - Starboard) Winch
  • 1   ea. Net Drum
  • 1   ea. Rapp Hydema Trawl Computer model PTS-Pentagon CbusHF
  • 34 ea. Hydraulic Motors
  • 9   ea. Drive Units
  • 14 ea. Control systems 
  • Hydraulic Drive system
  • Electric Control Panels
  • Gear Drives
  • Hose Reels