Rapp Marine is GRATEFUL for signing a NEW order with Eshcol Fishing Company

Rapp Marine has been awarded a contract for delivery of the Complete Hydraulic Deck Machinery package for the Scottish Pelagic Trawler New "GRATEFUL".

Owners Eshcol Fishing Company has placed an order for a 69.95 m Pelagic Trawler newbuilding with Karstensen Shipyard. The new fishing Vessel "GRATEFUL" will be owned by the well-known Whyte-family based in Fraserburgh, Scotland.

"We are delighted for this significant order, and to also once again secure another contract with Eschol Fishing Company and the Whyte-family", says Master Mariner & Vice President Sales Fishery, Rapp Marine, Morten Stenkjær.

The Whyte-family currently operates the 64m FOREVER GRATEFUL, which also is fully equipped with Rapp Marine Deck Machinery. This vessel will be sold upon arrival of the new vessel.

The vessel design, specification and arrangements on GRATEFUL is a result of an extensive and close cooperation between owners and yard. Main-focus has been set on optimizing working, safety and comfort for the crew.

"In order to reach above targets, GRATEFUL will be outfitted with all the newest machinery and equipment, and we have been chosen carefully to match specification and requirements", says Morten Stenkjær.

Amongst other things, the newbuilding will be equipped from Rapp Marine with high Capacity Winches; 2 ea. Trawl winches (Pull 90t.), 1 ea. Top Line Winch (Pull 73t.) and 1 ea. Singel Net Reel with storage capacity 30,0 m3 and with drum dimensions 710/dia. 1238, dia. 3600 mm x 4500 mm!

Thanks to Fishermen demanding the best solution possible, Rapp Marine have through 45 years, contributed to the automation of fishing methods that brought us to today highly effective fishing fleet

"Developing highly innovative solutions to support our customers needs has always been our focus, and will always be our focus", says a proud Master Mariner & Vice President Sales Fishery, Rapp Marine, Morten Stenkjær.

New GRATEFUL is scheduled for delivery in July 2017.

The new vessel will operate with a traditional pelagic trawl fishery, where target species are mackerel and herring.

The complete hydraulic Deck Machinery package from RAPP MARINE includes:

2 ea. Trawl Winches, model TWS-34041 (hyd. drive) 90 t. (Pull)

1 ea. Singel net reel, model ND-34000B. (hyd. drive) 92 t.   Storage Capacity 30,0 m3                                                                                                                                                       
1.ea  Top Line Winch, type TWS-22031T (hyd. drive) 73 t. (Pull)                                    

1 ea. Tail End Winch, model GW-10002B (hyd. drive) 46,7 t.                                                  

4 ea. Forward/Aft Mooring Winches, model GW- 2300B (hyd. drive) 11,1 t.               

2 ea. Back strop winch, model GW-200B-2,0 (hyd. drive) 3,6 t.                                                                     

1 ea. Net sounder winch, model SOW-502R – 3,0 (hyd. drive) 4,0 t.                                   

1 ea. Anchor winch, model AWW-2300 (hyd. drive) 5,6 t.

2 ea. Chain stoppers type Nor-Pro.                                                                                                                       

1 ea. Hose reel (Aft) for hydraulic hoses, model HHRL, (hyd. drive).

1 ea. Fish hose reel (Aft) model FHR-480S-20” (hyd. drive).    

1 ea. Hoses and other accessories for fish pumps.

1 ea. Hydraulic drive system for Fish pumps & others.

1 ea. Main Hydraulic Drive system for Trawl winches, Net drums, Sounder Winch, Aux. winches, Cranes, Storage reels         & others. 

1 ea. Electric/hydraulic remote control system

2 ea. Electric Deck control panels Aft deck for Net Drums Top Line Winch and Tail End Winch  

5 ea. Electric control panels (aft) for 4x Mooring Winches 1x Net Sounder winch

1 ea. Electric control panel (Aft) for Fish Hose Reel and Hydraulic Hose Reel

1 ea. Local remote control of winch with cable for anchor winch.

1 ea. Rapp Marine Trawl Computer, model PTS-Pentagon CbusHF

Radio Remote Control systems

Drive units

Hydraulic motors

Control Systems