R/V Sikuliaq

Oceanographic Winches for Global Class Research Vessel

The R/V Sikuliaq, a Global Class research vessel designed especially to conduct science in the polar regions, and operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, boasts the latest in cutting edge electric deck machinery that was engineered and manufactured by Rapp Marine. Rapp Marine served as the Scientific Handling Systems Integrator on the project.

In order to effectively operate and conduct surveys in subzero climates, Rapp Marine designed a flexible suite of winches and handling equipment that is designed to lower and raise ROV units deep into the frigid, Arctic waters.

Electric Deck Machinery for Oceanographic Research Vessel R/V Sikuliaq

Equipment List:

  • Electric CTD Winch
  • Electric Hydrographic Winch
  • Electric Traction Winch
  • Two Storage Drums
  • PTS Pentagon R Control System

Customer: University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Product: Oceanographic Winches and Load Handling Equipment