Western Towboat

Towing Winches for Titan Class Tugboat Vessels

If you see a tugboat guiding a large vessel out in Seattle's expansive Puget Sound waters or in the greater Pacific Northwest and notice the signature blue and yellow color scheme, you have just spotted Western Towboat tugboat on duty. Western Towboat has been a mainstay in the northwest for over 60 years, and Rapp Marine has been a part of their storied history for the last 15 years. Rapp Marine has supplied Western Towboat with several towing winches dating back to 2001 for their Titan Class Tugboat Vessels. The Bering Titan is the latest addition to Western Towboat’s Titan class tugboat fleet to feature a Rapp Marine towing winch. This latest towing winch’s design is a result of Rapp Marine and Western Towboat creating a synergy through Rapp’s winch expertise and Western’s operational experience. 

Equipment on Western Towboat Titan Class Vessels:

  • Aft Towing Winch

Western Towboat Titan Class Vessels featuring Rapp Marine winches:

  • Gulf Titan
  • Ocean Titan
  • Alaska Titan
  • Arctic Titan
  • Bering Titan

Customer: Western Towboat
Product: Towing Winch