A new high-tech New Zealand fishing vessel sails with Rapp-equipment aboard

The FV Santy Maria white fish trawler was built in Nelson, New Zealand by the Rapp Marine Australian/ New Zealand agent through many years, the Aimex Service Group.

The Aimex Service Group has eight specialist teams supported by large workshop facilities right in the industrious hub of the Port of Nelson.

-We are really proud of New Zealands first 24m trawler.  The Santy Maria was commissioned by iwi-owned fisheries company Moana New Zealand, which said the new boat was the start of a $30 million modernisation programme designed to set new environmental standards in trawling, says Mr Sullivan.

-The vessels was built for RMD Marine, led by a Tauranga-based fisherman Roger Rawlinson. She was named Santy Maria after his mother.  - Designed specifically to suit New Zelands conditions, this new vessel design is touted to be more fuel efficient, more powerful and more stable, and to to improve productivity - as well as minimaising the environmental impact of trawling, says Mr. Sullivan.

The trawl deck is well laid with its Rapp Marine main trawl winches.

The deck machinery is made up for twin Rapp Marine model TWS-2320 trawl winches with twin Rapp Marine model ND-480 net drum. Also fitted is a Rapp Marine model NDD-480 net drum. The main Gilson winch is a Rapp Marine model GW-200 and the cod end winches a Rapp Marine model GW-480. There is also a small 500kg unloading winch and Rapp Marine Trawl Computer model PTS Pentagon LT. 

"Congratulation to FV Santy Marie. Rapp Marine are proud and grateful for the confidence the owners have shown in us to supply the Deck Machinery Package", says Mr Helge Vatnehol, CEO, Rapp Marine Group.


See the fantastic launching of FV Sainty Maria in Nelson, September 2016.

Aimex Service Group

Rapp Marine deck equipment aboard:

2 ea. Trawl winches, model TWS-2320.

1 ea. Drive unit, model WDU-2300B

6 ea. Hydraulic motors

6 ea. Control systems

3 ea. Storage Net Reels, model ND-480 

1 ea. Double Net Reel, mode NDD-480

1 ea. Gilson  Winch, model GW-200

1 ea. Cod End  Winch, model GW-480

1 ea. Complete hydraulic drive system and remote control.

1 ea.  Hydraulic main drive system for all winches.

1 ea. Electric/hydraulic remote control system

1 ea. 1 ea. Rapp Hydema Trawl Computer model PTS Pentagon LT.