F/T Araho

Complete Electric Trawl Winch System for O'Hara Corp's New Trawler

Rapp Marine and O’Hara Corp have had a working relationship for decades, supplying deck machinery and service for the O’Hara fishing fleet. It made sense that Rapp Marine was selected to provide an innovative complete set of electric winches for O’Hara’s new trawler, the Araho.  

Rapp Marine sea trial on the new Araho

Araho steaming home with Rapp Marine deck machinery onboard

Total of 14 Rapp Marine pieces of deck equipment aboard:

  • 2 Electric Trawl Winches
  • 2 Electric Gilson Winches
  • 2 Electric Double Net Drums
  • 1 Electric Single Net Drum
  • 3 Electric Cod End/Outhaul Winches
  • 1 Electric Net Sounding Winch
  • 2 Hydraulic Anchor Winches
  • 1 Hydraulic Capstan

Customer: O'Hara Corporation