Rapp Marine Group wins contracts for 7 new Fishing Vessels!

We are proud to announce that Rapp Marine Group have recently signed for SEVEN new exciting contracts for delivery over the next two years.

Rapp Marine Group (RMG) will provide deck machinery to seven new fishing vessels.  For RMG this is very pleasing news and shows again the strength and quality of the work done with respect to our customers’ requirements and needs, says a very pleased Morten Stenkjær, Master Mariner and VP Sales, Rapp Marine Group.


Learn by Experience!

Rapp Marine Group with 100 years of experience in the maritime industry is developing highly innovative solutions to support our customers’ needs. This has always been our focus, and will continue to be our focus", says a proud Stenkjær.

We are therefore happy to announce that Rapp Marine has won a new Milestone contract.

Rapp Marine Group supplies equipment to New Zealand's largest factory vessel!

-It is with pride and pleasure that again we are announcing a new contract for delivery of electric deck machinery, this time for New Zealand’s first new deepwater fishing vessel in 20 years, says a pleased Tor Idar Øye, VP Sales in Rapp Marine Group.

New Milestone Contract for RMG - this for the Combination Vessel "RAV"

This is the first time we supply electric deck-machinery for combination trawl/ purse seine fishing  - and this time also with newly developed electric net winch from Triplex, says a very proud Stenkjær. 

The contract for the combination Vessel RAV was signed this week at NorFishing in Trondheim.  The Owner is Peter Hepsø Rederi AS and the builder is Karstensens Skibsverft in Denmark.


Irish ship Owners orders second Rapp Marine deck machinery packages for two identical pelagic trawlers!

We are delighted that Rapp Marine once again has been awarded contract for delivery of two complete hydraulic deck machinery packages from the Irish Owners Pauric Coneeley and Frank Doherty. This time for the new buildings NEW "Girl Stephanie " NEW «Western Chieftain», says Stenkjær.

Back in 2003 Rapp delivered complete deck machinery for two fishing vessels with same name and same owners, Stenkjær continues.

The Irish owners placed the orders of both new buildings with Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen, Denmark. Karstensens Shipyard are both designers and builders of the Irish vessels.  


Rapp Marine to deliver complete hydraulic deck machinery to three Russian vessels for trawl and Scottish seining and purse seine fishing.

The vessels are ordered by one of the largest fishing company in Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka region of Russia, VI Lenin Collective Farm Fishing.  This region accounts for the largest proportion of fish catches landed in Russian waters. The owner has elected to join forces with the Russian shipyard Yantar JSC in Kaliningrad for the construction and outfitting of these three identical, modern and effective SK-3101R vessels.  The quality design of the fishing vessels will be carried out by Skipskompetanse, Norway.

Rapp Marine Group have also been selected for the delivery of complete hydraulic deck machinery to design, engineering drawings and technical assistance, in relation to construction of several new fishing vessels based on the Skipskompetanse developed SK-3101R design. SK-3101R is a proven fishing vessel design that is used to deep-water fishing with trawl and Scottish seining and purse seine fishing.


This will be a busy autumn” continues Stenkjær. We are now also starting full production of the two Chinese contracts on Oceanographic Research vessels that we won earlier this year, PRIC (Polar Research Institute of China) and GMGS (Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey).


The contracts confirm the company's strong position as a supplier of this type of equipment to the fishing fleet, and RMG's absolute leadership of the highly sophisticated and demanding research vessel market globally, says a very pleased Morten Stenkjær.

We expect to announce several similar contracts in the near term”, adds SVP Sales/ Site Manager in Bodø, Tove Pettersen.