Sause Bros.

Durable Workboat Winches and Cranes for Tugboats and Barges

Sause Bros. is an ocean towing company based out of Coos Bay, Oregon, with tug and barges making regular trips to Hawaii from the Pacific Northwest and back hauling heavy loads of petroleum, lumber, and other commodities. Rapp Marine has a long standing business relationship with Sause Bros, providing them with sophisticated and durable hydraulic deck equipment for their tugboats and barges.

Equipment on Tugboats Mikiona and Cochise

  • Aft Towing winch
  • Bow Hawser winch
  • Capstan
  • PTS Pentagon LT Control System

Equipment on Double Hull Oil Barges

  • 4 Double Drum Mooring Winches
  • 2 Tricing Winches
  • 2 Hose Handling Marine Cranes
Customer: Sause Bros.
Product: Towing and Mooring Equipment