Top modern Peruvian pride «Don Ole» sails with solid Rapp winches onboard

Thus confirms a very happy Jan Martin Giske, Project Manager/ Fleet Manager at Austevoll Seafood ASA, when we met him at the Norwegian fishing exhibition (NorFishing) in August. -It is with satisfaction that we note that the results have been very good. The complete purse seine winch package from Rapp Marine Group is in place and has so far worked very well, confirms Giske.

-The vessel is turning heads on the fishing grounds off Peru, says Giske.

He adds that "Don Ole 'is a modern purse seiner, registered in Peru and owned by the Peruvian company Austral Group SAA. Austevoll Seafood ASA owns 90 % of Austral Group. The company has, with its long term and great knowledge of fisheries, naturally enough been heavily involved in the planning and building process.  Austevoll Seafood Group ASA at this time operates 28 ea. fishing vessels.


Major requirements for equipment onboard

Rapp Marine Group has delivered most of the deck machinery, including windlass, mooring winches and capstans to "Don Ole."  Giske says that it is not without good reason that Rapp Marine Group was chosen as the supplier of the hydraulic deck machinery.  "We insisted on high standards of equipment onboard and demand first-rate service».

An example of this, he says, is that "Don Ole" was built in record time and along the way, minor problems had to be solved quickly as they occurred. - Rapp Marine Group was constantly and closely following up, confirms Giske. Moreover, the proximity of service facilities is an important factor for the selection of Rapp Marine Group as our supplier, he continues.

- We can trust that we have Rapp Marine Group in place when we need them, confirms a satisfied Giske.

The crane supplier to «Don Ole» is Triplex (Macgregor Norway). Triplex and Rapp Marine Group have a joint agent in Chile that also includes workshop facilities.


Competed on the fishing grounds for many years

Jan Martin Giske, Austevoll Seafood ASA, and Tor Idar Øye, VP Sales Rapp Marine Group, have competed on the fishing grounds for many years, both in the Barents Sea, the North Sea and Alaska.

Tor Idar Øye therefore knew that Austevoll Seafood ASA and Giske would require a lot from us as a supplier and from our equipment - we have done our very best to respond and follow up continuously during the whole process, says Øye.

-This vessel is adapted to Peruvian conditions and fisheries and we customized the equipment with respect to user operation. Any small adjustments that the customer required were included as the project progressed. And for the future we will provide the best service, whenever needed, expressed Tor Idar Øye.

-Many thanks to Austevoll Seafood for the trust Austevoll Seafood has given us by choosing us as a supplier to the Peruvian pride, concludes Tor Idar Øye.

See Moovie of Don Ole  

About "Don Ole»

The new purse seiner, with main dimensions of 60.6 x 12.6 meters, is built according to Norwegian standards. Most equipment suppliers are also Norwegian. The hull was built in Gdansk in Poland, while fitting out took place at Fitjar Mek. Verksted. It took only one year from the laying of the keel to the handover of the finished ship - and that was on the day that delivery was agreed!

The design was developed jointly by Heimli Ship Design and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted with Austevoll Seafood ASA and Giske heavily involved during the process.

The shipyard has been working with this as a strategic project for around two and a half years, before the contract was signed in January 2015.

Austral Group SAA is listed in Peru, and are mainly owned by Austevoll Seafood ASA. It is a fully integrated fishing company, which has its own fleet of 19 ea. vessels, 4 ea. fishmeal factories, 2 ea. cannery factories and also a freezing fish factory.

The Headquarteres is in Lima. Austral Group SAA has made significant investments in the shore based side of the business, and is now also starting a fleet renewal program.

From right: Tor Idar Øye VP Sales, Rapp Marine Group, Jan Martin Giske Project Manager/ Fleet Manager at Austevoll Seafood ASA and Morten Stenkjær, VP Sales Rapp Marine Group.